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Group All Inc Terms

General Provisions in this agreement. GROUP INC
This agreement is intended to create an assured shorthold tenancy as defined in the Housing Act 1988, as amended by the housing act 1996, and the provisions for the recovery of possession by the landlord in Section 21 thereof apply accordingly. The tenant understands that the landlord will be entitled to recover the property at the end of the term


o Subject to vacant possession, the Landlord lets and the Tenants jointly and severally take the property for the term at the rent payable as above.


o All obligations to be performed by the Tenants under this agreement shall be joint and several.
o The Landlord agrees with the Tenants as follows:


o To keep the premises including the drains, sanitary water, electrical, gas and Central Heating apparatus therein in good repair and condition.


o Based on an agreement of all inclusive rent the landlord agrees To pay for the gas, electricity, WIFI, water rates and TV Licence in the property. The gas will be a fair usage agreement that will be set on a timer. The tenants are not permitted to alter the timer under any circumstances. Any changes to the timer must be made by request to the landlord and completed by Oakhills.


o Oakhills Group contracts can also be formed as non inclusive rental agreements based on an agreed non inclusive rental amount. In these circumstances the landlord agrees to let the property to a shared liability Group of tenants but does not pay for or accept any liability with regards to payment or organisation of gas, electricity, WIFI, water rates and TV Licence or council tax in the property.


o The landlord cannot guarantee instant repair / replacement of items fixed or supplied to the property. The landlord agrees to act as fast as possible to rectify any issues. Heating system repairs may not be possible on the same day as reported to us due to parts being required.


o All kitchen white goods are insured by Oakhills. If a fault of any kind occurs the landlord agrees to make good the item at his own expense and not the tenants. The landlord will not under any circumstances pay for loss of food, or cost of cleaning or drying clothes whilst the repair takes place. The repair may involve an engineer attending the property and parts to be ordered.


• A payment is required to reserve the room of up to one months rent in advance. This agreed amount is not a fee or a deposit.
This amount is NON REFUNDABLE.
• The Tenants agree with the Landlord as follows:

o To pay the rent at the times and in the manner specified on this agreement.


o The maximum occupancy for the property is ……..persons.


o To be available to communicate with Virgin Media should there be a fault or loss of connection to the WIFI set up at the property.


o On the termination of the tenancy to yield up the premises in a clean and tidy state, and to return the keys to the Landlord. The landlord may remove, store, sell or otherwise dispose of any furniture or goods that the tenants refuse or fail to remove from the property at the end of the tenancy. The tenant shall be responsible for all reasonable costs incurred.


o Not to affix to the walls, doors, windows or ceiling of the premises, or to the furniture, any articles or items that will damage the decoration thereof. The Tenants are specifically prohibited from affixing any form of individual locks to rooms within the premises. The Tenants are recommended to ensure that they have adequate insurance to cover personal possessions against fire or theft. The Landlord takes no responsibility for the loss or damage of Tenants property, possessions, or effects by whatever cause.


o To keep the premises clean and tidy during the tenancy and to preserve all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects from being destroyed or damaged and to make good for the repair or replacement (with articles of similar kind and value excepting only fair wear and tear). The Tenants attention is drawn to the condition of mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains, at the beginning of the tenancy that shall be agreed with the Landlord, to ensure that on termination of the tenancy there is no dispute with regard to soiling, cigarette burns or other damage. In such circumstances, total replacement with new or similar fire safety approved articles will be demanded without allowance for wear and tear. In these circumstances the damaged article will become the property of the Tenants on replacement.


o Not to permit the premises to be used other than as a private dwelling house and to refrain from causing undue noise or annoyance to a neighbour. Tenants must not play any music player, television or musical instrument in a way that will cause a nuisance or be heard from outside of this property between the hours of 11.00pm and 7.30am.


o Not to keep any animals on the premises.


o The tenants shall not tamper with or remove any fire precautions at the property, including fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke/heat/fire alarms, door closers or intumescent fire door strips. Tenants will be liable for the cost of replacement due to loss or damage to these items.


o To allow the landlord to have copies of keys to any locks within the property and to allow the Landlord access at all reasonable times by previous notice (written or verbal) and without notice in an emergency, to enter & inspect condition of the premises and furnishings therein.


o Not to withhold payment of any instalment of rent or any other monies payable under this agreement on the ground that the Landlord is or may be in breach of any of his obligations to the Tenant whether under the terms of the Agreement or imposed by statute or otherwise. To pay the landlords defined admin costs associated with chasing late or failed rent or other payments due under this agreement. A payment made after the due date will be subject to a minimum £20 admin charge payable on collection of the due rent.


o To allow access to their property and room with notice provided on the day / evening before a viewing. We will attempt to provide 24 hours notice if possible. Notice will be sent by text message or whatsapp to each tenant or house group. The tenants shall allow a to-let sign to be displayed and prospective tenants to view the property.


o If a replacement key is required for any reason then a charge of £10 CASH per key is payable upon delivery of the new key to tenant.


o If a property is reserved more than 28 days in advance the landlord reserved the right to change or upgrade the address of the property based on occupancy on the start date of the tenancy. This can be due to existing residing tenants extending their contract or tenants being unable to vacate at the correct contracted times for any given reason in order for us to prepare the property. We will ensure to provide a matching property with regards to location, price and number of bedrooms.


o Ending or Continuing this Agreement


o Tenants who wish to request to cancel or end a tenancy can do so in writing to oakhillsproperty@yahoo.co.uk. The Oakhills Fee will not be returned. The tenant will be liable for 50% of the remaining contracted amount. The contract cannot be cancelled during the final 6 months of the agreement. Non-payment of the 50% rent will result in court action against the tenant for recovery of 100% of the rent outstanding plus any additional legal and re-letting costs involved.


o Providing that you conduct this tenancy in a satisfactory manner you will, where available, be given first refusal to resign for the property for a further period, usually under the same terms as this agreement; however the landlord does reserve the right to make any changes to this before you sign.